Sunday, December 06, 2015

Screen Prints For Seth

I have been a fan of Seth's comics for years, so when he asked if I would screen print a few of his illustrations, I was beside myself with excitement...and sheer terror.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my own work, so the idea of printing for Mr. Gallant brought my anxiety levels to great new heights.

           'Soul Mates' 2015  - Seth
'Love Birds' 2015 - Seth

The drawings he sent me were done in classic Seth form, beautifully simple and clean.  He wanted them printed in shades of grey, which I thought would be a relatively straight forward mixing process, but ended up to be a bit of a nightmare.

Who would have thought mixing greys would have been such a challenge?
Luckily the printing process went a little smoother.

Three of four layers printed.

The prints are currently showing at Renann Isaacs Gallery in Guelph, along with a lovely collection of his paintings.

Here's a frumpy photo of me in front of the prints at the opening.

Photo op fail

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