Sunday, December 20, 2015

Illustration for VICE

I was asked by my friend Jesse Ruddock to make an illustration to accompany her piece for VICE about Toronto based author André Alexis and his recent Giller Prize win for the novel, 'Fifteen Dogs'.  Not having read the his book, nor the article and with very little notice, I came up with this:

First draft.
I was relatively pleased with what I would consider a rush job, but VICE suggested I make a few tweaks and the result was this:

Final illustration

I personally like the dog on the head, but considering it was for VICE and all, I was happy to oblige!

You can read Jesse's piece here. 

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Screen Prints For Seth

I have been a fan of Seth's comics for years, so when he asked if I would screen print a few of his illustrations, I was beside myself with excitement...and sheer terror.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my own work, so the idea of printing for Mr. Gallant brought my anxiety levels to great new heights.

           'Soul Mates' 2015  - Seth
'Love Birds' 2015 - Seth

The drawings he sent me were done in classic Seth form, beautifully simple and clean.  He wanted them printed in shades of grey, which I thought would be a relatively straight forward mixing process, but ended up to be a bit of a nightmare.

Who would have thought mixing greys would have been such a challenge?
Luckily the printing process went a little smoother.

Three of four layers printed.

The prints are currently showing at Renann Isaacs Gallery in Guelph, along with a lovely collection of his paintings.

Here's a frumpy photo of me in front of the prints at the opening.

Photo op fail