Friday, August 17, 2012



Earlier this summer I was commissioned to construct a 'mountain' using hundreds of cardboard triangles and hot glue.  It was then photographed by the talented Jaime Hogge for the cover of Gregory Pepper's new album, "Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain", available here August 21st.  It was quite an undertaking, especially for something that literally melted in the hot July sun during the photoshoot, but all in all a fun project!

Illustration for The Classical

Here's a small illustration I whipped up yesterday for my pal and woman of many talents, Jesse Ruddock (aka Koko Bonaparte), to accompany a piece she wrote for The Classical about her childhood encounter with future hockey bruiser, Todd Bertuzzi.  Read it here!
Commercial illustration is something I've always wanted to try, perhaps this will get the ball rolling!