Sunday, January 22, 2012

YARD WORK...and other new stuff!

Below is some new work based around the theme of 'yard work'.  Some are finished, others are yet to be completed.

Orange Hose (unfinished) - Acrylic on panel 24 x 24
Blue Hose - Acrylic on wood panel 24 X 24" 

Blue Hose (detail)

Dry Patch - acrylic on rice paper embossed onto BFK

Untitled & unfinished- acrylic on panel 8x9"

Watering - acrylic on rice paper embossed onto BFK

Botanical Phantom (unfinished) - acrylic on wood panel 30 x 30"
Prick - collage on paper

Prick (detail)

Hidden - Graphite on paper

Hidden (detail)

Orange Tarp - Acrylic on wood panel 11 x 14"

Teal Tarp (unfinished) - acrylic on wood panel

Purple Tarp (unfinished?) - acrylic on wood panel

I've also been simultaneously working on a series of cmyk dot paintings based on video stills from my mom's 8mm home movies,  (you may remember this video I made a while back also using this footage). The dots are first painted on rice paper using FW inks and then the paper is fixed onto a round wood panel.  I've only finished two so far, but that's not bad considering each one takes approximately 10 hours to complete.  Hurray for OCD!

Dot paintings.  7"diameter

Dive (detail)
Falls (detail)

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